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    After our beautiful baby boy was born sleeping in 2018 I wanted something I could wear and keep close to my heart and show the world he existed, he was beautiful and he was important. His footprints were just like him- precious and perfect, so I set out to find someone who could engrave them onto a pendant I could wear for years to come. After buying several engraved necklaces online and each time being disappointed in the customer service, the finished product and how quickly they deteriorated over time, I spent years learning how I could create the quality of keepsake jewellery that I had so badly wanted to wear with pride to honour my baby’s memory. When I finally perfected the process I decided to open Precious Hearts and offer grieving mothers, daughters, grand daughters and loved ones jewellery that will stand the test of time. Over the last 3 years Precious Hearts has grown beyond my wildest dreams and I now have a team of jewellers, technicians and artisans working alongside me to create high quality sentimental pieces made from ethical Australian precious metals. We hope our carefully handcrafted pieces give you the contentment of feeling that your loved one is still close when they can’t be near.


    Keeping those you love near- from our hands to your hearts

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