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    As a socially responsible company distributing products worldwide, we understand the importance of the preservation of our shared environments. At Precious Hearts, we have implemented industry best practices to ensure we are leading the way for the jewellery industry. We aim to continue to lead the way in both product and service, whilst being conscious of our environmental and social impact.

    Our current initiatives include usage of Australian responsibly-sourced precious metals, creation of long-lasting and exceptionally high quality jewellery to reduce the impact of fast-fashion in the jewellery industry, eco-friendly packaging, key supplier partnerships, gold and silver recycling, an online-only storefront, solar-powered electricity, donation systems, and general office responsibility.

    Our team members are individually responsible for monitoring and reducing our environmental impact and make clear and effective decisions to reduce emissions, wherever possible. This has helped ensure that we address the emissions that our operations are directly responsible for, and also make considerations for those emissions up-stream and down-stream of our business.

    We are committed to transforming our business model to further reduce our carbon footprint so that together, we tread more lightly on our precious planet.


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