Buying handmade products and supporting Australian artisans by shopping local not only means quick delivery, it is far more gentle on the environment and supports your local economy too.

Why shop local?

The pandemic has definitely changed the way we shop and think about shopping, with many of us now more conscious than ever about the decisions we make on spending. How we shop is always changing, but the benefits of shopping local remain:

1. It’s convenient

Convenience is such an important part of our increasingly busy lives. Shopping from a local online business is the perfect solution for those who can’t leave their house or just don’t want to. No car park to find, crowds to weave through, weather to deal with- just click and wait for the perfect piece to be delivered right to your door.

2. It’s better for the environment

The impacts on the environment are becoming more important to the ever-growing group of eco-conscious shoppers, whether it be avoiding plastic wherever possible, travelling more mindfully or avoiding driving altogether. Shopping locally and more sustainably is perfect for those mindful of their environmental footprint.

3. You support local Australians

This is one of the most important reasons to shop local. Independent businesses were hit hard by the pandemic but, on the plus side, the great resignation saw the mass exodus of thousands of highly-qualified, educated and experienced workers eager to make their mark on the business world and start their own small business. Buying from an Australian small business is an amazing way to support fellow Australians, both financially and figuratively, by showing you support what they do. Keeping Australian dollars in Australia is an amazing way to boost the economy for a better life for all Australians.

4. It creates local jobs

As small businesses build and expand, the demand for local staff also builds and creates employment. In many cases, local businesses employ workers needing hard-to-come-by part time jobs for parents, students and carers and is often the first workplace of high school graduates, giving them a head start to their working life. As small businesses grow, so too do the employment opportunities.

5. Higher quality products

Unlike larger stores that stock hundreds if not thousands of products, local businesses focus on the quality of what they sell, rather than the quantity just to appease shareholders. Local artisans cannot afford to absorb large amounts of negative feedback so are more likely to be receptive and responsive to feedback and offering customer-focused solutions for happy customers.

6. Items are more likely to be sustainably sourced

Constant demand for resources has had a profound effect on the world, but consumers are starting to be more conscious of what industries they support and who may be actually making the products they are buying. Shoppers want to be able to shop knowing another human or animal didn’t suffer. Precious Hearts feels the same, using only pure Australian precious metals, responsibly sourced from Australian mines.

7. Local artisans produce truly unique pieces

Large brands generally follow the money and mass-create tens of thousands of almost exactly the same, trending seasonal products. Local and independent shops create and stock items that are made with intention and creativity. There is nothing more rewarding than being complimented by a friend or stranger on a truly bespoke piece that was created just for you, and that is what Precious Hearts does best.

8. You make more thoughtful purchases

It is easy to buy inexpensive products on impulse, however one of the many benefits of shopping local is that it makes you more conscious of your purchases. When shopping for a special gift from a local business, it is likely to be beautifully packaged with the recipient in mind, unlike the inexpensive mass-produced plastic packaging inevitably found wrapping most department-store purchases. There is something just a little more special about receiving a gift from a local Australian store.